Hi, I’m Yunus Emre Göl
I'm a back end developer in living İzmir, Turkey.
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About me

"I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn"

Albert Einstein 1875-1955.

Yunus Emre Göl

Software Engineer

I am currently working as a Full Stack Developer at ICRON .On this site you’ll find out a lot about me, including my skills and achievements over the last few years. Hopefully it’ll provide you with an insight into my strengths and capabilities, beyond that which you would find on my facebook profile, on LinkedIn, in my CV or written on any job application. If you would like to know any more about me, or have any questions, then please contact me

I’ve got a degree in Computer Technology and Programming Collage from Suleyman Demiral University, Economy Faculty from Anadolu University.Then, Now I continue to Software Engineering Faculty at Bahçeşehir University and MBA(Master Of Business Applications) in Işık University.

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Hours of Works


Projects Finished


Happy Clients


Awards Won


My skills of work life.

7+ years


Enterprise web applications

7+ years


Advanced object oriented applications.

3+ years


Advanced object oriented applications

7+ years


Development and Management in Big Enterprise Database Applications

4+ years

Project Management

I have complated lots of enterprise projects

5+ years

Extreme Programming

I have used extreme programming methods in software projects


These are services which I give you if you need it.

E-Commerce & ERP

I have worked over fifty of E-Commerce Projects with integrated Erp Software as a E-Commerce Specialist and Software Engineer.If you need my help for your E-Commerce project I can provide you E-Commerce consultant and software engineering support professionaly.


My basic job title is Entrepreneurship.I have created lots of project in different industries.For example, kitapbu.org, Let Do It Mediteranean, ansoftware.co, etc.

Software Development

I have developed lots of enterprise software projects until today such as Integration Projects, Commerce Project, Social Platforms, etc.

Project Management

I have worked on lots of enterprise projects until today.I have experienced in various sectors project management such as CRM, B2C, B2B, C2C, Integrations, Social Entrepreneurship projects, etc.


Some of Projects at My Professional Work Life



My Software Company



Free Book Exchange Platform



Online Game Products Store



Fasion E-Commerce Project





Andoutdoor B2B

E-Commerce And Erp Integration

Kamil Koç


B2C and LOGO TIGER Integration

Kamil Koç

Divas Diamond

B2C and LOGO TIGER Integration

"I Am Available for Online Venture Project Consultant"


My life has never been growth randomly.It has everytime two question, how should it start and how should be result.

  • Work Experience

    Now I am working as a Senior Software Engineer.I have worked kind of software companies which provide windows and web enterprise applications to lots of big companies until 2009.

  • Sep 2009
    Oct 2012


    Software Developer

    How does it start ?
    When I completed my first university.I need to work good and big company to start software industry as powerful.I choose KobiMaster company and applied for Software Developer job.Because of that this company was Microsoft Partner and it has worked on e-commerce applications industry.

    I have worked three years at KobiMaster Company.I have learned lots of thing about Software Industry such as CRM integration, ERP integration with e-commerce, e-commerce applications, performans analysing systems.I have completed lots of project successfuly.I was start first, software specialist at this company then I have worked as team leader after two years.

  • Sep 2012

    AN Software

    Senior Software Engineer and Business Development Manager

    How does it start ?
    After I have left from KobiMaster and graduated from faculty of economy.I have started to Software Engineering Faculty and I have decided to create new company.Because I have lots of experience about team leader, software development process and I need to some experience about marketing.As a result I decided to found the AN Software Company at September 2012.

    I founded AN Software Company and I am working for my company until September 2012.We provide e-commerce software solutions with our big and very energetic team.

  • Jul 2015
    Jul 2016


    Senior Software Engineer

    How does it start ?
    When I realised to need international software development experience, I have decided to work at other country companies as Freelance Developer.Then I have started to researching for job.

    I have started to work for 2Go-Mobile Company at Netherlands.Now I am working on back-end WEB API for Ximmio web application and also working for Netherland Waste Company web applications back-end and front-end sides.

  • Jul 2016
    Feb 2017


    Senior Technical Team Lead and Country Manager

    How does it start ?
    While I am working at 2Go-Mobile company I started to lead some of project. After few months I started to lead all project and help that new employees for their orientation program. I really liked to help people in 2Go-Mobile team and I like to prepare documentation for all works in company to provide advanced experience to all company employees. Also I have been worked for innovation and new opportunities on sales and management side.

    After that 1 year at 2Go-Mobile , My bosses announced me as a Team Leader and Country Manager for their company in Turkey Operations.Then I started to my responsibilities on these sides.

  • 2017


    Co-Founder and FullStack Developer

    How does it start ?
    I developed a big ecommerce package infrastructure while I was in my previous company at ANSoftware. While I was working at 2Go-Mobile I got lots of request for my e-commerce software then I decided to found a new ecommerce package software company which is calling as Shopermind.

    After started shopermind company my company growed to much in short time and we sold lots of ecommerce package which is integrated with erp, marketplace and supplier websites. It was the biggest and well featured software in turkey.

  • June 2018


    Senior FullStack Developer

    How does it start ?
    After worked my own companies first AN Software after that Shopermind ECommerce company. Turkey started to has some economical crisis and I decided stop my company to avoid economical problems then wanted to work as full dedicated software stack again!

    I closed my company from the begining of 2018 then worked almost 6 months.Then I found a good opportunity in Istanbul to work as fullstack developer then started to work at ICRON Technology company.

  • Education

    I have graduade four university and Now I am continue my fourth University, MBA Master At Işık University.

  • Sep 2005
    May 2007

    High School

    My Robotic Experience

    How does it start ?
    When I have started high school, I found myself at labaratory which has 15 people member Robotic Club.I have decided to make robots with my best friend in there. And my first year passed in that labratory.

    We have made three robots with my best friend and we have made two robots with labaratory team which has 15 people.After that we won a large cash prize at Turkey/Izmir IT Fair .And Emre's has started to interest robotic hardware design and embeded software development to robotic.

  • Mar 2007
    Aug 2009

    Suleyman Demirel University

    Computer Programming and Technology

    How does it start ?
    My all high school years day and nights passed with software.End of high school , I said myself it should be my job.And Emre's has decieded go to University in that department.

    The most efficient years had started my life.Actually, I have already learned about everything software and electronics in all school courses.But I have gained different experience in that school such as php and asp.net web development process.End of that university I was graduaded as the first of department.

  • JUNE 2009
    SEP 2009


    Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

    How does it start ?
    End of my first university, I have decided to interest Microsoft Technologies.I searched good way to be software specialist.Then I found that MCPD Education in Izmır Acamdemy Company.

    I was started my MCPD education.End of 3 months I complated it.Also at the same time I made my school internship in that company.

  • SEP 2010
    JUNE 2014

    Anadolu University

    Faculty of Economy

    How does it start ?
    When I have graduate Computer Programming Collage, I had started to work a good software company but I want to continue academic life. Couse I believed everytime it supports people life in terms of social and emotional inteligence.

    I graduade Faculty of Economy while I was working at software company.I have gain experience about bussiness law and bussiness management in that university.After that graduade I have builded up my own company AN Yazilim.

  • SEP 2012
    JUNE 2017

    Bahçeşehir University

    Software Engineering

    How does it start ?
    After third year at KobiMaster software commpany working, I have decided to increase my education standarts.Then I have been left to working life and Started to Software Engineering Faculty.


  • SEP 2016
    JUNE 2017

    Işık University

    MBA Master
    (Master Of Business Applications)

    How does it start ?
    After 4 years at An Software I realise that I need to grow up my Business Management Skills. Then I decided to start MBA Master.

    I graduade Master of MBA program while I was working at My Company.I have gain high experience about bussiness Management and Leadership in that university.After that graduade I have builded up my own company AN Software.

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